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Edge Side Includes with Caddy

Introduction of a middleware for the Caddy web server to handle Edge Side Includes (ESI) tags. ESI tags are use to query backend (micro) services. This middleware supports Redis, Memcache, HTTP/HTTPS, HTTP2, shell scripts, SQL and gRPC (Protocol buffers).


Mediamock mocks a media directory for HTTP requests on your development environment. Avoids copying of GBs/TBs/PBs of files to your local machine. Update 10. Feb. 2016.

Twig Template Engine For Magento2

Magento2 itself uses PHP as the template engine (as what PHP has been developed for in ~1996 ;-) ).

The Twig template engine cannot execute directly PHP code which seems more secure.


Onix Parser written in GoLang to deal with huge XML file sizes. The ONIX for Books Product Information Message is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.

Magento ModelView

Magento ModelView - Using a model to simulate a database view. This module contains only abstract classes. getData() is now type safe. __call() disabled.

Magento Security Bundle @todo

The Magento SecurityBundle provides additional security features for your e-commerce application.

This project is ideal for a hackathon.

Magento PGP

Secure emails in Magento via PGP / GPG email encryption. Customers and shop owners can upload their public key and each email sent to their address will be automatically encrypted.

Nodejs Playground

  • implemented mysql
  • custom mysql query with result output (missing best practice)
  • custom handlebars.js helper

Magento Anonygento

Anonygento is a Magento module which anonymizes all data especially customer, orders, newsletters.

This anonymization is useful when you want to hire external developers or for your internal developers who really not need any kind of sensitive data.


TYPO3Mind is an extension for generating mind mapping files. Mind maps helps you to understand how your whole TYPO3 installation has been setup and what the current running status is. Currently you can only export .mm files which can be imported by FreeMind.