HarrisStreet - Composer.org based installer for Magento

Zookal HarrisStreet for Magento - Composer based Magento installer.

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Zookal HarrisStreet for Magento

Composer based Magento installer.


  • create a flag to remove unnecessary files like RELEASE_NOTES, license [depending on the target]
  • create two flags for removing downloader and/or compiler folders/files [depending on the target]
  • show a hint for which target and which DVCS branch we’re currently building
  • if build is for !development then create a confirm question to proceed this build. include also a json flag to switch off this confirmation
  • try to separate between Magento frontend and backend. the frontend version has a complete stripped off backend. magerun-addons uninstall-a-module
  • try to build for target: production-be or production-fe or staging-jenkins
  • create option either to move htdocs to xxxx-data dir or remove folder
  • preRunCheck() add checks for required php modules like PDO …
  • if a module is <active>false</active> in the config xml then remove it completely … but with care, maybe devs need some classes so we would have an option to either remove or keep the files.
  • integrate the target.json into the composer file and let the user choose for which target he/she wants to build, extend composer.
  • this readme!!!
  • refactor code


This software is pre-alpha but it is used in production for Zookals website.

Composer’s script handler to install, update and maintain Magento (>=1.6).

Configuration of Harris Street will be read from your root composer.json file.

Uses the composer hooks: post-install-cmd and pre-install-cmd

Example json https://github.com/zookal/magento/blob/master/composer.json

Config Values depending on the environment

  • web/cookie/cookie_*
  • dev/template/allow_symlink
  • each %url% path
  • netsuite credentials
  • zendesk credentials

How to magento-composer-installer

For dev env the checkout strategy is symlink while on staging and production the checkout strategy is copy and allow symlinks will be set to false.

How to use

Add to your project-based composer.json: Please see the demo composer.json file.


Require this installer in your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "zookal/harris-street": "dev-master",

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