Magento OPCache Panel

OpCache (Zend Optimizer) Control Panel (GUI) for the Magento Backend.

Latest commit and statistics from GitHub:

OpCache Control Panel for Magento Backend.

Based on:


  • Recheck Cache
  • Reset Cache
  • Compile all PHP Files in directories app and lib
  • SVG pie charts with live reload every 5 seconds.
  • APC/APCu integration lacks (looking for contributors)


System -> Configuration -> System -> OpCachePanel Settings

Set here the API Key name and value for resetting the cache via cURL or wget with a post request.

curl --data "keyName=keyValue" http://magento-store.tld/opcachepanel

Developer Usage

See model SchumacherFM_OpCachePanel_Model_Cache:

<?php  Mage::getModel('opcache/cache')->reset(); ?>

You cannot clear the cache via command line. Please use the cURL post command.


  • Use line charts with a live view
  • internal refactorings
  • integrate APC better


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