Virtual Pages with

Importing pages via JSON from another URL. With this feature you can let Hugo render virtual pages.

My idea is: Import Hugo-ready pages via JSON from any local file or URL.

The Go code is currently in my url.go.

Exists there a more appropriate name instead of Virtual Pages for that feature?

How to implement?

Run the hugo binary with the command line option --sourceUrl and provide a valid URL to a JSON stream.

$ hugo server -w -v --baseUrl="localhost" --cacheDir="./cache" --sourceUrl=http://anUrl/streamOfPages.json

The JSON file must be a valid stream.

An object within the JSON stream consists of a Path and a Content key:

{"Path":".\/community\/","Content":"The usual hugo content goes here"}
{"Path":".\/community\/","Content":"The usual hugo content goes here"}
{"Path":".\/community\/","Content":"The usual hugo content goes here"}

The further processing is the same as you would create a hugo file on your hard disk.

Why a JSON Stream?

Details what a JSON stream is:

I’m generating around 100k pages via a Magento module to export all products and categories. So parsing these amounts ob objects as a single object is pretty inefficient there a stream comes in handy if parsing of one of the objects fails.

A demo stream:


The command line options --cacheDir and --ignoreCache have at the moment no effects because a previous pull request #748 has not yet been merged into hugo.

If you run hugo with the watcher enabled, each time you change a file on the hard disk and the watcher got triggered the source JSON stream will be re-downloaded.

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