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Edge Side Includes with Caddy

Introduction of a middleware for the Caddy web server to handle Edge Side Includes (ESI) tags. ESI tags are use to query backend (micro) services. This middleware supports Redis, Memcache, HTTP/HTTPS, HTTP2, shell scripts, SQL and gRPC (Protocol buffers).


Mediamock mocks a media directory for HTTP requests on your development environment. Avoids copying of GBs/TBs/PBs of files to your local machine. Update 10. Feb. 2016.

Data-driven content with

Update: 8. Feb. 2015 See the Notes section at the end.

Update: 27. Dec 2014

What if you want to create simple pseudo dynamic content within a page or a layout with Hugo, the static site generator?


Onix Parser written in GoLang to deal with huge XML file sizes. The ONIX for Books Product Information Message is the international standard for representing and communicating book industry product information in electronic form.